True Colours

  “You’re actually friends with that smelly Paki?” Nick might not remember at this point, but I do. I don’t exactly remember what happened next. Nick might’ve punched the kid in the head, or maybe he annihilated the kid by launching into a vicious tirade in Greek. Probably the latter in this instance since we […]

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A Man’s World

The Prophet said that women totally dominate men of intellect and possessors of hearts. But ignorant men dominate women, for they are shackled by an animal ferocity. They have no kindness, gentleness or love, since animality dominates their nature. Love and kindness are human attributes; anger and sensuality belong to the animals. She is the […]

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Ramadan Musings: Day 7

  He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. Socrates I look forward to my weekends so much, and especially now during Ramadan. I’m not able to take significant time off from work for Ramadan, but I did manage to limit my Friday […]

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Ramadan Musings: Day 1

  Welcome oh the month that purifies us from the sins. Umar ibn Al-Khattab (R.A.) Being the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and a rich expression of Islamic spirit and unity, Ramadan is a time when most Muslims think more deeply about their faith. At the very least it’s a test of one’s discipline, […]

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The Woman

I’ve been thinking about this topic for days now and I don’t think I’m closer to having any solid conclusions than I was on day one. Since the dawn of our species, I don’t think there has been a more mystifying question than the ‘woman question’. So perplexing is the woman that I’m unable to […]

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