My name is Haaris Khan.

My greatest talent and hobby for as long as I can remember has been writing. Wordplay and writing are deeply entrenched in nearly everything I do. The pen has been my most trusted companion since I was a child, and I’ve been able to write down my deepest and darkest secrets when I’ve been able to speak them out loud. My mind tends to race at a torrid pace, jumping from idea to idea, thought to thought, delving deeper and deeper into realms of knowledge that go beyond the scope of the English language. I decided to create this blog to record my thoughts, and to note down whatever knowledge I have been able to derive.

I don’t know if I really have a mission statement, I suppose that will only become clear as time wears on. I predict that, by and large, my posts will be accounts of the lessons I’ve learned and am continuing to learn from the experiences of my life. As a lifelong knowledge-seeker, I aim to find the wisdom behind every action and event. But I, like everyone, am a forgetful creature. Perhaps I can keep myself accountable this way, noting down both my failures and achievements – and the pearls of wisdom they each impart.


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